This is a diet that is familiar to everybody but hard to complete by 3 out of 10 and I am here to tell you that it works. This diet is to change your metabolism digestion, your body will be in shock the 1st 2,3 days, you will also experience minor stomach cramps and be light headed but, hey you won’t die.

You need to be mentally ready for this.. if you’re not, you’re going to quit within 3 days. There are no short cuts. 

– John Hoover


  1. Whole weight bread/rye brown bread – only to be eaten with butter and nothing else.
  2. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  3. No extra food/drinks to be taken – this will affect the diet and will not work.
  4. No sugar or milk allowed.
  5. Sweeteners, lemon juice, onions, salt and pepper may be used.
  6. Make sure that you do not have any planned events to attend during this time.
  7. eamayl means – Eat As Much As You Like.
  8. Guaranteed, you will lose between 4-5 kgs in 13 days. Take a break (it does not matter how long, as long as during the break you eat clean. I advise that the break shouldnt be more than 1 month) and repeat the diet again when you are ready.
  9. I personally repeated the diet 3 times and lost 12 kgs.

Please write to me if you’d like to ask some questions, I am here to go through this amazing journey with you.

Boitumelo "Salad" Ikaneng

Boitumelo’s purpose is to encourage daily self empowerment and consciousness based on & through her true life events. Authenticity represents freedom. I read, write & advocate a healthy & fitness lifestyle. For me, writing is a form of spiritual act. I thoroughly & genuinely enjoy writing about my real life Episodes to connect with the souls that are “lost” and trying to find a way of becoming. I am a recovering addict and would like to help cure idling. Let’s find the remedy together through COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY,PERSISTENCE & PERSEVERANCE. I am a story teller of my own life and, I will throw in and sprinkle some motivational personal experiences…. & Every Little Thing. “People are much more alike than they are different.” David J Schwartz Follow my journey to a never ending story…

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