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Real Time: Saturday, 19th January 2019

Today, 1st day of my 13 days of leave!!! Oleku – Ice Prince just played on Trace Africa, had a bowl full of salad and I tossed it to the side, cranked up the volume and jumped up to dance! Oh man nostalgia. This is the year (2010) I fell in love with Nigerian music, the year that Nigerian Music was fully taking over Africa by storm.

2010 was my 1st year at the University of Johannesburg after I had been hopping retail jobs for the passed 2 years, after quitting Film school.

Throwing it back to 2009, I remember telling my big brother (my Superhero) that I want to go back to school, his response was, “I don’t have a problem with someone who wants to go back to school, but there’s no more money”. At least close to R 100 000 was spent on me for the Film school, student accommodation, pocket money and extras. I don’t even come from a rich family, not even close but, a plan was made for me to pursue what I loved, didn’t even have to convince anyone. My dreams were supported fully without hesitation and questions.

I had the same convo with my mother and she advised me to inquire about school loans. Had a friend come over for a visit, confided in him and he also suggested the same. Right there, I remembered that I had bumped into a high school friend a year ago, numbers were exchanged and we kept in touch. During our many chats, I remembered that she once mentioned something about getting assistance from a school loan, NSFAS. Immediately contacted her, she assisted me without showing any signs of worry that she’s running up and down with me in this process. As mentioned previously in the last Episode, I have awesome friends! Even though some of them life happened and we grew apart like this particular one, each and everyone played a purposeful role in my life. I sometimes see her pictures on Instagram, she’s married now with beautiful kids 🙂.

1st day on University of Johannesburg grounds, met a bunch of awesome girls who I gradually became friends with and we would jam to Nigerian music, this is the year that Wiz Kid, Tiwa Savage were massively on the come up. From the bunch, I’m still very close with 2, super grateful to have them in my life, completely different characters (they are not friends though), we just chilled together on campus but they never became friends. I had also bumped into my homegirl, she was doing her 2nd year when I was just starting, this time I was 23-24, trying to explain myself to her why I’m doing 1st year this “late”, she shut me down real quick that hey, “I’m outchea also doing 2nd year so don’t worry girl, at least you’re still continuing, you’re IN SCHOOL, that alone speaks volumes.” We exchanged numbers and became such good and close friends, until today. She’s a special case, one of the genuine and straight forward close friends I have.

The same year, on my way from campus to making my way home, I also met a girl at Randburg taxi rank, she queued right behind me and started making small talk. She was so forward and felt like she was forcing conversation throughout. Only to find out that we live in the same complex, oh God kill me now. Unannounced, she’d now start coming constantly to my unit to “bother” me. Long story short, our friendship now is like house on fire, at times, we’re always going through the same shit. We’d meet over a couple of drinks, try make sense of what’s going on, untangle the meaning of life, laughing out loud and stuff.

2010 came with so much positivity man, new hope and new friendships were born and this was nurtured, purely so.

Hey, didn’t I do well at U.J & finished in record time. I was assisted by NSFAS for my 1st year, 2nd and 3rd year my family jumped on board financially ‘cause I’d done well. I remember after my graduation having intimate family moments, hugs and kisses & I said Thank You to both my mother and big brother, my only immediate family I still have left – (well I have a half Sister who is 2 months younger than me 👀 from my father’s side, another story for another day). My mother told me that she was proud of me, I was like even if I can die today it’s alright.

With all the misdirected values, confusion and misfortunes I went through in my life, I’ll forever be thankful to myself that this one thing was a complete success. You know why? ‘cause I had to make means all by myself to make sure that I have funds for varsity. I accepted and went through the pain and struggle I chose and it paid off at the end. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not pushed through just this one thing. This is the period where my communication skills developed and improved as I studied and have a Public Relations and Communications qualification.

Okay moving along… By this time, I was already interning with a classmate (who then became a friend) at the same company, an Entertainment Booking Agency company working with major South African artists. The way I loved my job 😅 , even got a chance to meet my favourite celebrity woman Unathi Msengana, she was exactly the way I had imagined her to be, loud, friendly and all-round fabulous. She always kept the same mood every time she made a young visit at the office. Just this period I was content even though naturally life will always throw in a few punches… I was content but left the company eventually.

I follow a remarkable young blogger I just recently come across, his name is Cristian Mihai, and this is from one of his posts:

Maybe one does have to lose his way in order to figure out the location of his true path. And why he wants to walk it. And where it leads to.

Maybe not all those who wander are lost. Maybe they are searching for what can only be found in their hearts, they don’t know it yet, so they walk around, looking everywhere but within themselves.”

Oh well.. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon around 16:28 in South Africa, Johannesburg, just received a call from my beautiful amiga just to check up on me, home alone at my brother’s place, which is my 2nd home. I am in a happy mood. After publishing this, I will be continuing with my binge reading. “I am Malala” is the book that I’m currently indulging in.

These were/are some of my happy times in life. Priceless 🙂

To be continued…

Boitumelo "Salad" Ikaneng

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