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Real Time: Sunday, 20th January 2019.

Yet again, I’m angry at myself for only finding out about Malala, imagine  .. How did this miss me? Actually how did I miss this? Ignorance is surely not bliss.

After reading “I am Malala”, it takes me back to how I always say that we live in such an unbalanced and unfair world. Here is a teenage girl who’s an Activist for girls rights, every girl to experience freedom and be themselves, to go to school and not only grow up to get married, cook and bear kids. While on the other side of the world, we’re free, we’re allowed to be ourselves, we’re allowed to go to school, we’re not expected to grow up to marry only to cook and bear kids. Almost every area in Johannesburg has schools, colleges, etc and not restricted based on your gender or race.

How sad is it that many of us say NO to education willingly when we are blessed with such infrastructure available at our disposal, especially in this city (Johannesburg). Is it because one has never had to deeply wonder or imagine, most importantly go through what it’ll be like to live in a world that people have to die fighting against social injustice, people dying for what they believe in, martyr? In South Africa, we experienced long painful years of apartheid but some of us like myself are fortunate enough to exist in a time when a way had/has already been paved for the next generation.

We are still less appreciative of those who made sure that today we’re able to sit in a restaurant and break bread with a person of a different colour. I can see with my own friends when I ask them who they’ll be voting for in this years political elections and, I see that they couldn’t even be bothered. This is indeed disheartening.

This has really taken me back to when I used to bunk school, when I failed a Grade (despite my unpleasant life experienced at home, I don’t want to make any excuses), when I just left Photography hanging, when I didn’t prevail through Film school…

They say your life is a reflection of you. I can tell you right now that I never enjoyed that reflection of my life. I used to find it really hard to look forward to sleeping because I didn’t want to wake up and face another day knowing that I’m low-key unhappy, lost and disconnected with life.

Living a non purposeful life feels like death. It doesn’t matter the many times you go out to have a good time drinking and dancing, memories you create with friends, the good sex you have… if you’re living a non purposeful life all these short lived and repeated experiences won’t make you whole.

Find your purpose, serve yourself and serve the world. What you do should in return also make you feel good about serving it to other people.

Always remember that it’s alright to lose your way, as long as you’ve recognized, investigated and searched yourself and soul thoroughly, you can always consciously start afresh.

Book review, my thoughts on “I am Malala”: I was thrilled to read it as I’m a storyteller, passionate about it. The way every little detail is described, colour, smell, movement, e.t.c.. allows one to imagine themselves in all the places mentioned in the book. I didn’t find myself paging through a dictionary or googling words every single sentence, the English is light and basic, exactly how I approach writing in my element. Well… I am not that into hardcore history even though I enjoy writing stories myself. I get confused and lose focus by the many very olden years they always refer back to, complicated names and places that I struggle to or at all cannot pronounce, I get a little bit irritated but I’ll be strong. There are some parts of the book were they fully dive into Pakistan and Afghanistan history. Knowledge is power. I now know what I didn’t know last week this time.

“Life isn’t just about taking in oxygen and giving out carbo.

I don’t want to be thought of as the “girl who was shot by the Taliban” but the “girl who fought for education.” This is the cause to which I want to devote my life.” – Malala Yousafzai.

To be continued…

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