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Real Time: Sunday, 30 June 2019.

July… New day, new week, new month! I am really quite happy with how I stuck it through. In January I wrote every little thing that needed to be done in order for me to be able to get where I want. I might have a clear idea of my trajectory and where I want to end up, but even after ”getting there”, I will always want more, I will always want to elevate, I will always want new challenges.

As long as you are still breathing, you cannot stop. Actually, there isn’t such a thing as I’ve reached my destination, life doesn’t have a destination.

It has not been easy, actually, it has to some degree because I had to change and adjust everything. Made a conscious decision to approach things differently because the way I was doing things was not working, never did. Only 6 months in and I can confirm that this has been my most amazing year.

Reading books has also shaped my thoughts and life in an unbelievable way. I have never in my life read as many books as I have this year alone, how embarrassing is that.

I finally got to experience what fulfilment is, what calmness is, what purpose is, what passion is, what pain and struggle is and going through all this with a very open and conscious mind, not being afraid to face my reality and everything else that I need to deal with, cleaning up whatever I need to.

I cry sometimes, actually, to be honest, I have never really cried until I had a break-down a few weeks ago. With all that said and the wonderful new experiences, right there I realized that yes, everything else has been in order but I had neglected my emotions and feelings, I thought that after a life-changing epiphany one just focuses on the future, forget the past and not deal with it. I was completely wrong, I had no knowledge of this until the break-down. (I will write about this one day once I have completely ”healed” and have completely forgiven my young dumb self. I am still learning about this and figuring out some stuff).

‘Promise: If you take time for physical rest, spiritual reflection, and relaxing recreation… Payoff: You will be able to think clearly and energetically

‘Promise: If you learn from your mistakes and then let them go… Payoff: You will be able to focus on the present” – John C Maxwell

Anyway, as previously mentioned, I have written my goals down on a piece of paper… now and then I go through it just to remind myself of the promises I made to myself beginning of the year. I will be rewriting and removing some of the things that are actually not supposed to be in my list.

I realized that it was too clustered and over the months I have learned and meditated on how essential and efficient less is, on how it is super crucial to choose the One Thing that you will be giving it your all and, I am excited and glad that I have been doing that quite well even though sometimes at the back of my mind I know that I can always push harder and stretch further.

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Please do make sure to reflect on the 6 months that have passed, check if you have accomplished what needed to be accomplished. Do not be afraid to rewrite and adjust your to-do list as you see fit because maybe you have learned and have new knowledge on how to be more efficient and how to approach things differently.

”We are either the masters or the victims of our attitudes. It’s a matter of personal choice… blessing or curse” John C Maxwell.

To be continued…

Boitumelo "Salad" Ikaneng

Boitumelo’s purpose is to encourage daily self empowerment and consciousness based on & through her true life events. Authenticity represents freedom. I read, write & advocate a healthy & fitness lifestyle. For me, writing is a form of spiritual act. I thoroughly & genuinely enjoy writing about my real life Episodes to connect with the souls that are “lost” and trying to find a way of becoming. I am a recovering addict and would like to help cure idling. Let’s find the remedy together through COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY,PERSISTENCE & PERSEVERANCE. I am a story teller of my own life and, I will throw in and sprinkle some motivational personal experiences…. & Every Little Thing. “People are much more alike than they are different.” David J Schwartz Follow my journey to a never ending story…

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