I was watching Dr. Rahul Jandial on Health Theory/Impact Theory hosted by Tom Bilyeu. They tapped into the brain, what the brain is capable of and the fact that there is a lot of untapped potential if we can just structure things better in our daily lives.

What caught my attention is the type of food that is good for brain health, can boost your focus and cognition. Food affects the mind, food affects the brain. We all know that feeling after eating a heavy and big meal during lunch time at work, all you just want to do is doze off, experiencing the itis. But after eating a good light meal with plenty of water will and can actually boost your mood and energy levels. True story.

Food that consists of omega 3 are known as great food for the brain. Planning and having dedication on eating a diet that focuses on reinforcing your brain functionality is key. We take for granted our brain, we tend to forget that without the brain, the body is actually useless and hopeless. It all starts with the brain, it all start with your thinking, hence the majority of people start exercising then quit in the long run, their mind was not set straight right from the onset. So food also plays a huge role in the way people think, believe me or not.

Here is a list of omega 3 foods that can get you started in eating necessary food for your brain health, eat these regularly together with some training, join the gym if you haven’t and at least try push minimum 3 times a week. Take care and love your brain and your body dude.


Image result for oil fish list sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna
  • Oily fish:
Image result for wholegrain
  • Whole grains:
    brown rice
    bulgur wheat
    whole-grain bread

Image result for berries
  • Berries:

Image result for eggs and avocado and broccoli
  • Eggs, avocados & broccoli

Image result for coffee and chocolate
  • Dark chocolate & coffee


There is a variety, a whole lot more of foods that may assist in brain health. Conduct more research, be obsessed with doing anything and everything you can to grow and develop a knowledgeable and healthy YOU!

”Loving your life and prioritizing your mental health is absolutely paramount” – Tom Bilyeu

Here is a link to the video:

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