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Real Time: Wednesday, 28th August 2019.

The minute you hear this word, what is your mind thinking?  

The word ‘’problem‘’ is interpreted as a negative word all over the world right, and we are going with that…a negative word. From a young age we are also taught that hey, stay away from trouble to avoid problems but, they did not tell us the entire story.

Who do you know has said anything good about problems? Instead of embracing the problems that we subconsciously choose, we spend our lives trying to stay away or out of trouble to avoid problems. But we forget that ”we are remembered for the rules we break’’. This is such a powerful quote by Douglas Macarthur. This means that, to become super great and awesome, to become a human being who does extraordinary things you gotta break a few rules, you gotta break the ceiling, you gotta think different, you gotta be invincible…and you will be remembered and tales will be told, history will be learned by generations to come.

Do you know that you cannot stay away and/or run away from problems and you have the power to choose your problems, do you know that? a lot of people don’t know this, a lot of people are not aware of this powerful life secret, hence it is so imperative to not be scared to analyse everything that takes place in your life as conscious as possible.

We are often afraid to dive into our thinking or/and we don’t know that there is a thing called conscious thinking and that it is a thing. Everyday conscious living brings ‘’nice life problems’’, you can choose your ‘’problems’’, take control and line them up nicely.

Our mind plays this little trick on us, which is when we want to pursue something, our brain only shows the good side of it, it does not show the sacrifice required for it… and everything-every experience you have in your life there is a shit sandwich part of it. Everything has its own associated problems. Mark Manson

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How amazingly easy is to just want something but if you are not prepared for the ‘’problems’’ it will bring, then you are not prepared at all, check, I don’t mean not ready, I mean not prepared and might mean that whatever it is, it does not fall under what you value and what you find worthy… ask yourself this question, what do you find worthy and valuable, you got the answer? Then you will be able to find it somewhere to enjoy the problems it brings.

Your controlled and chosen problems tightly attached to value and worth will gradually lead to a happier and jubilant YOU, the happier and jubilant YOU will bring out the best in you, it will help you break whatever plateau you might have allowed yourself to find comfort in and complacency.

The happier, jubilant YOU is the journey to success, success is a journey that consists of problems that are chosen by YOU. Contrary to that, those problems will not always make you happy and jubilant but if you consciously chose them, if they are worthy and valuable to and for YOU, you will always be staring at the reason WHY you want or need to pursue and you will always find reason to rejoice amid everything.

‘’Nice life problems’’ term is sometimes ONLY construed in a materialistic way (and yes there is that too but nice life problems aren’t one sided and aren’t only materialistic, the nice life problems I am talking about will gradually lead to materialistic nice life problems) and that is where and how people miss the point…the point that people are not so knowledgeable or heuristic about and are not aware of, and yet people are practicing and living these ‘’nice life problems’’, every day, you chose them.

‘’Nice life problems’’ are things that you value, things that you make time for, things that you put effort and energy into, things you are working towards, things that make you happy.

You are just incognizant of the ‘’problems’’ that you choose and sometimes even brag about. I have a friend who has a 9 to 5 and studies part-time, she likes posting how fatigued she is, snapping her books and laptop, those are the problems she chose. I can imagine how strenuous it must be to be working Monday to Friday, then have to squeeze in school during the weekend. As much as she portrays this like it sucks, she is proud of herself, she knows she’s the shit, this is an example of NICE LIFE PROBLEMS, a shit sandwich.

We tend to go for more positive words clothed with hope, we call them goals, dreams, etc… Your problems should make you happy, bring joy and laughter through the pain, should give you reason to wake up in the morning, your problems should make sense to YOU, if your chosen problems do not make sense to everyone else then that is none of your business, your problems should give you reason to break any limitations created by whatever it might be, your problems should allow you to see past what you are used to or accustomed to, your problems should carry you through whatever it might be… basically, choose your shit sandwich as Mark Manson calls it.

I know that I have repeated same thing over and over thus far, this is for emphasis as some people lack cognitive skills. True story, don’t be mad.

Now what is a shit sandwich, a shit sandwich can scale from choosing to complete a 4 year Bachelor Degree in whatever discipline, choosing to spend 5 hours every-day practicing how to play an instrument in order to perfect it, choosing to dedicate and commit time to working out at the gym, choosing your friends and having to be there for them even if it might cost you an arm and a leg, fulfilling friendship duties, choosing a lover that you connect and vibe with and sticking around through sickness and health.

The key word here is CHOOSING. We choose and you can change your mind at any time, you are allowed!

Is working out, killing yourself at the gym nice? Not really. Is having to cross night to study nice? Not really. Is having to inconvenience yourself sometimes to help a friend nice? Not really. Is having to deal and being patient with your lover’s flaws nice? Not really, but hey somebody gotta do it. If these things mean something to you and are valuable to you, you will always find a way to push through, avail yourself and be present.

The ‘’problems’’ that you are able to choose for yourself, lay them on the table and strategize, make sure that they are valuable and worthy, they might not even make sense at first, you might even fail to explain them but just start, just do it, everything will unfold as it should.

You plant a ‘’problem’’, it does not just appear out of nowhere. Own up to your shit, whatever happens, wake up and take accountability.

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Take control and enjoy your problems.

To Be Continued…

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