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  • I was watching Dr. Rahul Jandial on Health Theory/Impact Theory hosted by Tom Bilyeu. They tapped into the brain, what the brain is capable of and the fact that there is a lot of untapped potential if we can just structure things better in our daily lives. What caught my attention is the type of

  • This is a diet that is familiar to everybody but hard to complete by 3 out of 10 and I am here to tell you that it works. This diet is to change your metabolism digestion, your body will be in shock the 1st 2,3 days, you will also experience minor stomach cramps and be

  • I am not an expert (not yet) or anything, but I read a lot about weight loss and how to maintain it, I have lost an enormous amount of weight and can easily give advice on what and how to approach this difficult task. What I have learned about Weight Loss. What you put in

  • Real Time: 17th September 2015: I was never a big believer of this: Everything Happens For A Reason. Just sharing: Everything indeed happens for a reason, you may not understand this in the present moment but trust me it will all make sense one day. No matter how difficult or heavy a situation is, in

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